(08 August, 2016)


The Ministry of Infrastructure – Civil Aviation Division today 5th has issued the Air Operator Certificate for the inclusion of the Real Tonga Limited to operate MA60 aircraft.

The assessment of Real Tonga’s application was conducted in conjunction with the Civil Aviation Administration of China. This activity was conducted beginning on the 27th June commencing with the first three phases of the assessment which included the Pre-application phase, Formal application and Element Design Assessment Phase. There were some findings obtained during this phase of assessment. However these were all referred back to RTL for their remedial actions pending the return of the CAAC inspectors to complete the assessment process. The CAAC then returned on the 20th – 27th July to complete the assessment of the operator’s application. At the completion of this assessment the CAAC returned back to consolidation and draft their first report for the consideration and perusal of the CAD.

In addition there were documents to verify that the recommendations made by the inspectors is addressed appropriately and will be continued to be monitored by the Civil Aviation Division. Thus, the final report provided by the CAAC inspectors was deemed satisfactory and there applied the recommendations to issue to Air Operator Certificate.

Although the arrangement to secure inspectors took longer than anticipated, the Ministry of Infrastructure – Civil Aviation Division exhausted all avenues to ensure that the process is conducted in accordance with due processes and that the appropriate knowledge and skills were acquired to carry out this application assessment.


Issued by the: Ministry of Infrastructure


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