The core role of each Division is as follows:
1. Leadership
Provides quality executive advise to the Hon Prime Minister and Chief Secretary and Secretary to Cabinet and the administrative coordination of the national policies, governance and leadership in Government.

2. Policy

Collates policy information and monitors the implementation of executive government and national policies directives and advice to the relevant stakeholders.

3. International and Legal

Provides policy advise on international and legal matters to promote uniformity, consistency and respect of legality and protocols relationships with the Legislative Assembly, Privy Council and Judiciary, for effective leadership.

4. Cabinet Support

Provides support services in managing the business of Cabinet.

5. Press Office

Responsible for the dissemination of information to the public, implementation of the freedom of information policy and the management and updating of the Prime Minister’s Office website.

6. Performance, Monitoring and Evaluation

Oversee the Planning and Budget Preparation, Human Resources and Financial Management and monitor and evaluate the overall performance of the Prime Minister’s Office and staff.

7. Corporate Services

Manages the record and filing systems of the Prime Minister’s Office and oversee the overall operation of community development activities, as approved by Cabinet.

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