(25 January, 2017)

“Government of Tonga Denies Issuing an Exclusive Gaming Licence to Red Warrior Entertainment LLC”

The Government of Tonga would like to announce that Cabinet has not approved and has not issued any Gaming License or Casino License to any company to operate here in Tonga. This announcement is made in response to claims that the Government has issued an Exclusive Gaming License to Red Warrior Entertainment LLC.

In November 2016, the Cabinet received a proposal for a Tourism Facility and Investment to be known as the Tavake Tamafua Tourism Investment Project (TTTIP) from a foreign company called the Amira-Unison-Gatti LLP.  The complete investment included three main projects, a Pearl Airport Hotel and Shopping Mall, a Frangipani Luxevillas and Aria Tourism Entertainment Gaming Resort. On 4th November, 2016 Cabinet supported the TTTIP subject to facilitation of legal documents and relevant plans, and the conduct of appropriate due diligence.

After due consideration, the Cabinet on 11th November 2016 supported only the first two projects ie  the Pearl Airport Hotel and Shopping Mall and the Frangipani Luxevillas but NOT the Aria Tourism Entertainment Gaming Resort.  The Cabinet further directed that the full plan for the Pearl Airport Hotel and Shopping Mall and the Frangipani Luxevillas are to be submitted for final consideration and approval.

The Government noted that Red Warrior Entertainment LLC is one of the foreign team counterparts of Amira-Unison-Gatti LLP for the TTTIP. The Ministry for Commerce, Consumer, Trade, Innovation and Labour has confirmed that no license has been issued.

The Government wishes to inform the public that under the Laws of Tonga, specifically, the Criminal Offences Act 1926 in sections 82, 83 and 83A, gambling is prohibited. Therefore any intention from Red Warrior Entertainment or any Casino Company to apply for a gaming license would be futile.

The Government also wishes to reassure the public, that the national interest is of utmost priority to the Government and any proposal that will be deemed to disrupt the peace and harmony of the society will be given careful scrutiny and consideration. 


Issued by the: The Prime Minister’s Office, P.O. Box 62, Nuku’alofa, Tonga. Tel: (676) 24 644     Fax:  (676) 23 888; For media enquiries- Email: Website:  


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