(02 July 2015)

“King Tupou VI launched Tonga‟s new Coronation currency series.”

His Majesty King Tupou VI launched Tonga‟s new currency banknotes and coins on Monday 29 June 2015 at the Fa‟onelua Convention Centre in Nuku‟alofa.
The Coronation Series is made up of six new Pa‟anga banknotes and five new coins. The six Pa‟anga banknotes have the portrait of King Tupou VI. The 5, 10, 20, and 50 seniti coins also have the portrait of King Tupou VI, with the exception of the $1 pa‟anga coin which carries the portrait of the late King George Tupou V.
There will be no more one and two seniti coins.
The Prime Minister, Hon. Samuela „Akilisi Pohiva told His Majesty and distinguished guests during the launching programme that the current coins have been used for more than four decades.
Tonga began using its own currency, the pa‟anga and seniti, at the coronation of Taufa‟ahau Tupou IV in 1967.
“Your Majesty, the assigned functions to the National Reserve Bank of Tonga, in accordance to Privy Council approval is what we witness here today,” the Hon. Prime Minister told His Majesty.
He also said that all the nickel plated new coins carry the portrait of His Majesty, with the exception of the $1 pa‟anga coin, made of aluminum bronze, and carries the portrait of the late King George Tupou V.
“The National Reserve Bank of Tonga conducted a survey to obtain views from the public on the coins in circulation. And as a result the Reserve Bank worked on developing a new family of coins to replace Tonga‟s existing coins in circulation in accordance with Your Majesty‟s wishes.
The Hon. Prime Minister told the gathering that work has been done to improve Tonga‟s banknotes to maintain the quality so to withstand the weather and Tonga‟s environment, to prevent counterfeit production. It includes the improvement of printed-paper for the banknotes.
The De La Rue of the United Kingdom and the Royal Australian Mint of Australia carried out the work on the new banknotes and coins.
In 1985, the $20 pa‟anga note was introduced, and the $50 note was printed in 1988. During the reign of King Tupou V, the $100 was introduced in 2008.


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