(28 July 2015)

“Major increase on visitors’ arrival boost Tourism Industry.”

The number of visitors to Tonga increased significantly by 38 % from 6,876 in May 2015 to 9,508 in June 2015 for the Coronation and other events.

In addition, 3761 passengers arrived in Tonga in the first two-weeks of July on commercial flights. This number does not include the arrivals on special flights.

The Coronation celebrations from 27 June to 7 July filled the capital with overseas guests and Tongans from all over the world.

Tourism Tonga’s latest passenger statistics provided by Air Terminal Services.

  • April 6169 arrivals, 6532 departures
  • May 6876 arrivals, 5947 departures
  • June 9508 arrivals, 5634 departures

Even after the coronation, the number of visitors was expected to be higher as travelers took advantage of cheaper fares.



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