Operation Great Wall

Media Release

Friday 3 February 2017

“Police look to reduce crimes against the Asian Community”

Statement to be attributed to Deputy Commissioner Pelenatita Fe’ao Vaisuai, Tonga Police

Tonga Police established a Taskforce (Operation Great Wall) in November 2016, aimed at reducing crimes against the Asian Community in Tonga.

Most of the Asian Community are Chinese who own and run businesses and are known to be targeted by criminals.

Deputy Commissioner Pelenatita Fe’ao Vaisuai says, “Chinese make up 3% of victims of crime but concern lies on the seriousness of offences committed against them. They have been victims of serious crime such as robberies and violent assaults.”

The Taskforce is currently conducting a survey of the Chinese Community in Tongatapu and in the Outer Islands to identify problems they are facing in terms of their safety and protection of their property.

“Our mission is to make sure all our citizens feel safe in Tonga. The survey is designed to inform Tonga Police of the safety issues and challenges that are specific to the Chinese community, with the objective to improve Tonga Police service delivery through working together with the Chinese community. Our job is to keep our communities safe and hold criminals to account.”

Operation Great Wall Taskforce conducting survey of the Chinese Community

Taskforce Operation Great Wall conducting survey of the Chinese Community in Tonga

  1. Taskforce currently conducting survey of Chinese Community.



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Media Release Operation GREAT WALL – FINAL


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