“Police arrested and charged couple with possession of illicit drugs”

14 February 2017

Statement to be attributed to Deputy Commissioner Pelenatita Fe’ao Vaisuai, Tonga Police

Police arrested a couple last Thursday, 9 February at around 7:30am at Fo’ui.

Two Police Officers from Nukunuku Police Station got suspicious when a car with a taxi registration plate and tinted windows was speeding on Hihifo Road in Kolovai. The Officers chased and managed to stop the car at Fo’ui.

They searched the car and found 26 packets of cannabis (248.57grams), 1 pistol, 2 (.22) bullets and more than $500 cash.

The driver and his passenger, a couple in their mid-20s from Tokomololo were arrested and both have been charged with possession of illicit drugs, with additional charges against the husband on possession of firearm and ammunition without a license.

“The swift and timely response by these two Police Officers has helped to ensure public safety, and it`s great that further drugs and illegal firearm have been removed from our community where they may cause harm to others otherwise,” says Deputy Commissioner Vaisuai.

“In order to make our streets and homes safe we need to rid our Communities of illegal firearms and drugs.”

While Police are taking proactive and active measures to address the issues relating to illegal firearms and drugs, members of the public are asked to contact Police if they observe any suspicious or unusual behaviour in their communities.

Both accused are remanded in custody to appear in the Magistrate Court on Thursday 16 February 2017.


Issued by the: Tonga Police Media & Communication Officer, Tonga Police Headquarters, Longolongo; for media enquiries – Email: siaadams@gmail.com phone (676) 23 323 Fax: (676) 23 036 Media Release Couple arrested and charged with possession of illicit drugs (1)

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