Ministry of Agriculture, Food , Forestry & Fisheries Department


  • Food and nutrition security which foster all development areas from domestic supply through to market access and exports
  • Support vulnerable population and smallholders to adapt to changes through improved access to markets, adaption and adoption of appropriate technologies, institutional innovations, improve access to natural, financial, social and human capital
  • Promote public-private partnership as an arm to reach out to its clients in order to accomplish their needs from this sector.


Provide border security and market accessibility ensuring that the agricultural sector is protected from external pests and diseases, including provision of quarantine services and support to achieve an effective and efficient quarantine and export inspection services. Facilitation of overseas market access by the institution and implementation of Biosecurity Acts and Legislation.


  • Introduction and development of new and improved plant varieties for domestic consumption and export with resilience to climate change
  • Provide sound and timely agricultural advice to clients on improved farming techniques and appropriate technologies to improve productivity
  • Establish the Government experimental Farm by developing appropriate crops, research activities for training and demonstration of farmers, agricultural trainees, youth and women’s groups.
  • Initiate and introduce new crops development methods and propagations techniques such as tissue culture, grafting and budding use of shade cloth, organic farming etc.


  • Provide clinical veterinary services, border protection and provision of sound technical advice on good husbandry techniques.
  • Ensure the well-being of animals through handling of reported veterinary cases, control and eradicate animal diseases and promoting the animal industry and animal feed to reducing imports
  • Strengthen the capacity and capability to increase local production, through establishment of a local feed mill and promote the production of pigs, poultry, ducks cattle and sheep to reduce imports as well as for meat import substitution


  • To expand and develop agro-forestry and forest resources to contribute to economic growth and conservation of the environment
  • Upgrade, expand and improve forest nurseries and plant appropriate forestry and improved plant/fruit tree varieties
  • Develop forestry on uninhabited islands and unused lands


  • Development and transfer of appropriate agricultural technologies to clients and through the application of effective systems to communicate technical information to clients
  • Dissemination of technical information and establishment of links with clients in through the Information and Extension staff
  • Farm trials, demonstrations, farmer’s training programs and farm visits, agricultural shows, trade fairs and exhibits
  • Link research results to farmers with the intention to improve the livelihood of the applied technical know- how.


Responsible for conversation, management, sustainable utilization and development of fisheries resources in Tonga and the fisheries waters.


  • Agricultural Commodities Export Act
  • Animal Diseases Act
  • Aquaculture Management Act
  • Birds and Fish preservation Act
  • Copra Act
  • Fisheries Management Act
  • Forests Act
  • Markets Act
  • Noxious Weed Act
  • Pesticides Act
  • Plant Quarantine Act
  • Pounds and Animals Act
  • Rhinoceros Beetle Act
  • Fisheries Export Development Fund
  • Development of Small Fisheries Project
  • Climate Resilience Sector (Establish of 6 SMA in Vava’u)
  • Port Sampling
  • Snapper Stock Assessment – Biological sampling
  • Observer Scheme Coordinator
  • Pearl industry development in the Western Pacific
  • Development of Community – based milkfish farming in Nomuka and Tongatapu
  • Evaluating the impacts of improving postharvest processing of sea cucumbers in the Western Pacific Region
  • National Consultation on establish of National Fisheries Council
  • FAD deployment for Eua (3 FADs)
  • SMA ‘Atata, Ovaka and Felemea
  • ACIAR/SPC Food Security and Climate Change Project
  • SPC LRD Sandalwoods development project
  • Agriculture Census
  • China Food Security Project


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