Ministry of Environment, Energy, Climate Change, Disaster Management, Meteorology, Information and Communication


To make sure that the Government and the public benefit the most from services provided by the Ministry.

Responsibilities of Divisions:

Energy Manage and coordinates all energy related areas within government but not limited to electricity, oil, and renewable energy
Environment Manage, protect and preserve the environment
Climate Change Manage the effect of climate change on the environment
Meteorology Manage the weather forecast
National Emergency Management Office Provide with relevant plan and activities on how to prepare and address any impact of natural disaster
CommunicationManage all means of communications within the Tonga And including licensing of radio and television stations All radio frequencies, internet and telecommunication Companies
Information Manage, control and update the Government portal And working with radio communication related media Through providing fair and impartial information to The public

Relevant Acts and Regulations:

  • Communications Act
  • Environment Management Act
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Act
  • Evacuation Act

Government Funded:

  • Internet Fiber Optic Cable

Donor Funded:


  • Pacific Adaption for Climate Change Project (PACC)
  • National Biodiversity Strategic Action Plan (NBSAP)
  • Ozone Depleting Subsistence Project (ODS)
  • GEF PAS Invasive Species Project (IAS)
  • Tonga Third National Communication on Climate Change Project (TNC)
  • Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA)
  • National Investment Implementation Plan (NIP)
  • GEF PAS Integrated Biodiversity Project (IIB)


  • Pacific Appliances Labeling Standard (PALS)
  • Pacific Islands Greenhouse Gas Abatement through Renewable Energy Project (PIGGEREP)


  • Enhance Disaster Preparation Project (EDPP)
  • Disaster Awareness Program
  • Digi MET Record
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