Ministry of Commerce, Tourism &Labour


Facilitate the development and growth of the private sector through:

  • The development of a supportive and fair operating environment for businesses
  • The development of an environment that ensures that a fair trade competition and that a free flow of truthful information is available in the marketplace.

Responsibilities of Divisions:

  • Improving the business operating environment while ensuring business compliance and promoting innovation and creativity
  • Providing appropriate business development support
  • Creating an effective Public Private Partnership (PPP) framework
  • Improving the operation of the labour market
  • Creation of marketing and product development strategies for Tourism

Relevant Acts and Regulations

  • Business License Act
  • Consumer Protection Act
  • Charitable Trust Act
  • Charitable Trust Regulations
  • Companies Act
  • Companies (Liquidation) Regulations
  • Companies Regulations
  • Credit Union Act
  • Foreign Investment Act
  • Foreign Investment Regulations
  • Geographical Indications Act
  • Incorporated Societies Act
  • Industrial Property Act
  • Lay-out Designs of Integrated Circuit Act
  • Personal Property Securities Act
  • Prices & Wages Control Act
  • Protection against Unfair Competitions Act
  • Tonga Tourism Authority Act
  • Weights & Measures Act
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