Statistics Department

Also known as the National Bureau of Statistics

The Department is the central statically authority for Government aiming at developing an integrated and comprehensive statistical information system for economic and social development planning and management.


The Statistics Act 1978 specifies that the responsibility of the Departments as follows:

  • To collect, compile, analyze and disseminate statistics and related information on the activities and condition of the people and their institutions;
  • To ensure co-ordination of the operations of departments of government in the collection, compilation and dissemination of statistics and related information, with particular regard to:
  • The avoidance of duplication in the collection by departments of governments of information for statically purposes;
  • The attainment of compatibility between and the integration of statistics compiled by departments of governments;
  • The maximum possible utilization for statically purposes of information available to departments of governments
  • To formulate, and ensure compliance with standards for the carrying out by departments of government of operations for statically purposes
  • To provide advice and assistance to departments of government in relation to statistics; and
  • Generally to promote and develop integrated social and economic statistics for Tonga


  • Statistics Acts


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