Press Office


The Press Office offers communication strategies for the Prime Minister including Government statements and responses to public enquiries and requests for information. The Press Office is also responsible for Government’s information policies and its implementation of the Freedom of Information policy and relevant legislation, as well as the Government website/portal for the information services Government-wide.

As centre of Government, the PMO must also lead in promoting transparency and account publicly for what government does its policies and implementation of programs and activities.


The Press Office is responsible

  • Issuing Media guidelines for national Government events and accreditation and liaison
  • Dissemination of information – using various platforms – websites, publications,
  • Issuing of press releases and government responses;
  • Decision making about channels of information disclosure –executive to CEO to information officers;
  • Proactive disclosure of information through various policies and initiatives;
  • Clarification of disclosure and non-disclosure of information to the public;
  • Registering and monitoring content issued by the Government’s newspaper


For more information, please see

  • Press Releases
  • Publications
  • Speeches
  • Photo Gallery
  • Video Gallery
  • Freedom of Information
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