“Speech by the Prime Minister, the Hon. Samuela ‘Akilisi Pohiva, at the Commissioning of the new Tonga Police Barracks, on Friday, 15th April, 2016”

The Minister for Police,  Hon.   Dr.  Pohiva  Tu’i’onetoa

Your  Excellencies,   The Head  of  Diplomatic  Missions

The  Commissioner  of  Police,  Mr. Stephen Caldwell, and  the  Tonga  Police

Rev.  Viliami  Fanaika  and  Members  of  the  Clergy

Ladies  and  Gentlemen

  • It gives me great pleasure and privilege, to join you today, for the Commissioning of the new Tonga Police Barracks, and new training room.
  • The construction of this new facility has been made possible, by the generosity of the Australian and New Zealand Governments, under the Tonga Police Development Program.
  • Launched in 2007, this Program is an important partnership, between the Governments of Tonga, Australia and New Zealand, that has supported the Development of Tonga Police capacity and capability.
  • The Tonga Police Development Program has made significant progress towards its overarching goal, which is to achieve, a trusted and respected policing service,that works in tandem, to reduce crime, and thus build safe and secure communities.
  • These new Police Barracks and training room facility, avails Tonga Police of much needed upgraded accommodation, that supports the effectiveness, of the accredited Tonga Police College, in the delivery of training to Tonga Police, at all levels, from Recruit to upcoming Tonga Police Leaders.
  • It is indeed motivating to note, that the new facility supports, the Tonga Police merit – based recruitment process, which actively encourages, recruitment of women.
  • I understand that with support from the Tonga Police Development Program, these barracks and the land behind it, will be used for the construction of a solar system, to enhance the operational capacity of Tonga Police, through access to a reliable source of electricity, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is also a crucial initiative, that supports the commitment of the Tonga Government, to reducing carbon emissions through renewable energy.
  • Accordingly, on behalf of His Majesty, the Government and the People of Tonga, I wish to thank the Almighty God, for the successful realization of this vital facility, and to conclude, by requesting Their Excellency The High Commissioners of Australia and New Zealand, to please convey to their respective Governments, our profound appreciation, for their continuing support towards the Tonga Police Development Program.
  • Hence, a strong and sustainable Tonga Police, is fundamental, to the effective governance of Tonga.

‘Ofa atu

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