Strategic Agenda

The Strategic Agenda outlines the Government’s top level strategic programs which are of real ‘public significance’ and ‘strategic importance’ , in the sense that the impact of the program will be widely distributed and that the outcome will significantly influence social and economic development. Programs of significance importance are those that are going to resolve some of the most difficult and persistent problems faced by Government.

The Prime Minister’s Strategic Agenda is intended to roll forward, year-by-year and regularly reviewed by Cabinet. Once a strategic program and associated top priority activities are successfully implemented, it will be replaced by a new one.

The Rationale for the Strategic Agenda

  • is intended to promote better public understanding of what Government does through the articulation of Government’s most significant and most important strategic programs in a single document – the Strategic Agenda;
  • is made available so that there is greater visibility of the most important and significant strategic priorities of Government;
  • promotes wider knowledge and appreciation of the commitment of Government to implement certain strategic programs that are significant and important. and;
  • gives Parliament a clear picture and appreciation of the Government’s most important strategic priorities.

The Strategic Agenda is not a new document and it does not contain new strategies or initiatives but is based on the national plan of the Government and associated sector plans, but it sets the national objectives of the Prime Minister as Head of Government.

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