Tonga’s new Prime Minister- elect – ‘Akilisi Pohiva

Tonga’s long-time People’s representative, Samuela ‘Akilisi Pohiva was declared Tonga’s new Prime Minister on 29 December, 2014, by the Interim Speaker of the Parliament, Lord Tupou.

The two candidates for the election of the Prime Minister were former Deputy Prime Minister Samiu Vaipulu and Samuela ‘Akilisi Pohiva.

Pohiva won the Prime Ministerial election with a vote of 15-11.

He is also the second Prime Minister of Tonga, after the new democratic political system was introduced in 2010. ‘Akilisi Pohiva is also Tonga’s 16th Prime Minister.

Following the election, former Prime Minister Lord Tu’ivakano was elected as new Speaker of the Tongan Legislative Assembly.

A new Tongan Government is anticipated to be in place by the New Year.

Prime Minister’s Office
December 29, 2014

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